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The Menihek Nordic Ski Club plays host to family-friendly and competitive cross-country events year round.

We say Run for the hill of it!  First up on the fall event calendar for Menihek Nordic Ski Club is the annual Run for the Hills late September. Bring the whole family out for an afternoon of fun and a little exercise. Get prepared for ski season.

To begin our ski season, which normally starts mid to late October, Menihek Nordic host the Glenn Bond Ski Camp and Master Training. Start the season off right with good ski habits and pointer on how to improveyour technique for the upcoming ski season.

The Provincial On-snow Training Camp runs from November 27th-Decemeber 2nd, 2018. Skiers & coaches from across Newfoundland and Labrador get a chance to ski and train on the first snow of the season. The Labrador Open Races wrap up the Provincial Camp on Dec 1st and 2nd, 2018.

Head out for an evening of night skiing once there is enough snow on the trails. Ski or snowshoe under the lights along the three kilometer Vello's Trail.

This year Menihek is proud to host the 45th Great Labrador Loppet on April 6th, 2019. This event for all ages offers athletes a choice of challenging a 10, 28 and 50 km trail running from Fermont to Labrador City. This year we will be introducing a 2.5 km trail.

In 2014, Menihek Nordic Ski Club was proud to host the Canadian Masters Championships from March 23-30. It was a full week of races on Menihek Nordic trails is capped off with a series of social events and medal presentations bringing cross-country skiers from across Canada to Labrador West. This year the Canadian Masters Championships will be in Timmins, Ontario held February 8th-10th, 2019.

The Iron City Duathlon, hosted by Menihek Nordic in partnership with the Town of Labrador City, is a biking and running event for all ages to fill in the gap between winter and summer events.

Registration for all events hosted by Menihek Nordic Ski Club available on (search for 'Menihek' or the specific event name).