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Great Labrador Loppet 2019

As one of the most prestigious and popular community events in Labrador West, the Great Labrador Loppet kicks off each April. Skiers and snowshoers, young and old, can participate in one of three adult events - 10, 28 and 50 km, whatever your pleasure. The Loppet kicks off in Fermont, Quebec and finishes in Labrador City, Newfoundland and Labrador. Last year we introduced the Children's 2.5 KM Loop which was a great success! The trails are groomed for both classic and free techniques with refreshment stations positioned along the way.

This year 45th annual Great Labrador Loppet brings together cross-country skiers from recreational and competitive, young and old, and from far and wide. It’s healthy living and a lifestyle that will contribute to your wellness in the future. So... finish it with your best effort or take time to enjoy the day with friends, make all the pit stops and admire the beautiful Labrador landscape. Don't miss the awards banquet and the chance to dance the night away and listen to the hard luck stories.

Ski the Great Labrador Loppet for the bragging rights. Start training now for the Great Labrador Loppet - Saturday, April 6th, 2019 @ 10:00 am! Registar on Zone 4 for any of the Loppet events.

Results of 2018 Great Labrador Loppet


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What is a “Loppet”?

The term “Loppet” originated in Scandinavia where you have such great events as the Mora Vasaloppet in Sweden and the Birke Beinerrennet in Norway. In the Vasaloppet in Sweden, the skiers ski from Berga to Mora (90 km) to commemorate the same trail the King of Sweden (at the time it was Gustav Vasa….hence the name Vasaloppet) skied 500 some years ago. About 15000 people take part in the Vasaloppet and approximately 1.7 million people watch it on TV.

So you are wondering, “What is a Loppet?”.  It is a great gathering for skiing on a specifically groomed trail either classic (diagonal stride) or free (skating technique) of various distances.  Enormous amounts of food and drink are consumed during the event.  After there’s a party and celebratory banquet with awards and prizes and usually a time (dance).

The Loppet means different things to participants. For some it’s intense competition, for others it’s a relaxing way to spend a day outside, taking in the pristine beauty of the country side or wilderness, and enjoying the home grown entertainment and great food and drink at the rest stops along the trail. In Canada, there are some great Loppets like the Canadian Birkebeiner in Alberta; the Keskinada Loppet in Gatineau, Quebec; the Mont-Ste-Anne Loppet in Quebec; the Don Allen Saskaloppet in LaRonge, Saskatchewan; and our Great Labrador Loppet in Newfoundland and Labrador to name a few.

No matter which Loppet you ski, you should be aware that these events don’t just happen, there are many volunteers for the organizing committee, the actual event, the awards and banquet ceremonies.  And all these events would also not happen without the support of the many sponsors.

Now that you know more about the term Loppet, why don’t you make it a plan to participate in one yourself, whether you ski, volunteer or become a sponsor, its all a great pleasure to remember.

Happy trails to you!  See you at the Loppet.