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JRS School


The JRS SKi School Program is a partnership between JRS Middle School, the Town of Labrador City Recreation Department and Menihek Nordic Ski Club. All youth from Grade 5 classes are bussed to Menihek where skis and instructors are provided. Each class visits three times. Program normally runs from February to March.


Children should dress in layers to allow body temperature control during activities. An outer wind layer is essential. Children should be prepared for each session with a hat, extra socks and extra mitts. They should also have warm boots and a warm coat to put on after the lesson when they may feel chilled.


Children should bring a water bottle and a snack. Normally the kids will be able to have their snacks at the Chalet once the class is completed. This is a great time for them to relax and socialize with their peers. If parents want to bring cookies or other snacks, from time to time, they are welcomed to leave them on the table at the Chalet.