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Track Attack

The Track Attack's are the more proficient teenage skiers training to be higher caliber athletes from 11-13years of age. These budding athletes are training to earn a place on the Menihek Club team or the Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial team.


Ski sessions run every Sundays for a period of 20 weeks starting in November 2018. Sessions are from 12:45-3:00 pm. Within this schedule we also include a Christmas party, Kids Fest, Racing Rocks and End of Season event. Each week we have a fun theme to our day which always results in great photo oppertunities!


Children should dress in layers to allow body temperature control during activities. An outer wind layer is essential. Children should be prepared for each session with a hat, extra socks and extra mitts. They should also have warm boots and a warm coat to put on after the lesson when they may feel chilled.


Children should bring a water bottle and a snack. Normally the kids will be able to have their snacks at the Chalet once the class is completed. This is a great time for them to relax and socialize with their peers. If parents want to bring cookies or other snacks, from time to time, they are welcomed to leave them on the table at the Chalet.


Please arrive early to allow time to put on equipment (normally 15 minutes early). Once the Jackrabbit session is over, you are welcomed to stay enjoy the Menihek Nordic Ski Club with your children. You may want to practice new ski techniques and to log the extra kilometres needed for the reward stickers. Many parents take advantage of Jackrabbit time for personal recreation and exercise. 


All parents will be informed via e-mail and Facebook if there is a cancellation of a class due to bad weather (or other reasons) no later than 11:00 am on that Saturday. Also, all information concerning the program will be sent to the parents via e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, please let us know.