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Trail Conditions

Special Trail NotesRound the Lake

Summer trail conditions. Take the family out and come and join the fun! Our winter office hours are Monday to Sunday 9am to 5pm. Snowshoeing is welcome on our trails. Trail passes can be purchaced at the chalet or on Zone4.





Trail Distance Skill Level
Koch 10 Km finish in Stadium 10 Km Advanced
Koch 7.5 Km finish in Stadium 7.5 Km Advanced
Koch 5 Km finish in Stadium 5.2 Km Advanced
Koch 2.9 Km finish in Stadium 2.9 Km Intermediate
Koch Test Circuit finish in Stadium 1.9 Km Intermediate
Dumbbell Tour 5.8 Km Novice
Rideout's Run 6.5 Km Novice
Vello's (down and back to Chalet) 5.7 Km Novice
New Birches 4.4 Km Intermediate
New Birches with Alf's Summit 7.6 Km Advanced
New Birches and Dumbell Tour 7.6 Km Intermediate
New Birches and Rideout's Run 8.3 Km Intermediate
New Birches with Alf's Summit and Dumbell Tour 10.5 Km Advanced